SJJHL Draft Results

SJJHL Draft Results

The 2023 SJJHL Draft Results:


- Southern Shore selected three overagers – Ethan Smith, Gavin Hapgood and Sam
1st RD:
SS selected Donovan Applin
PD selected Robert Reid
NE selected Mitchell Dinn
CBR selected Drew Crosbie
AV selected Carter Murphy Johnson
SJ traded their pick to CBN for a 2024 2 nd RD pick, CBN selected Andrew Harrington
MP selected Mackenzie Blanchard
CBN selected Devin Bungay
2nd RD:
SS: Passed
PD selected Stephen Ford
SS: Passed
CBR selected Ethan Temple
NE: passed
SJ: passed
MP selected Ryan Temple
CBN traded their pick to CBR for the rights of Morgan Mercer. CBR selected Evan Brenton
3rd RD:
SS passed
PD passed
NE passed
CBR selected Jacob Clarke
AV passed
SJ passed
MP passed
CBN passed
4 th RD:
All Teams Passed

Free Agents (7):
Joel James (F)
Keenen Grimes (F)
Ryan Tee (F)
Liam Henebury (D)
Michael Higdon (F)
Devon Beason (F)
Tyler George (D)