St. John's Junior Hockey League Draft Results

St. John's Junior Hockey League Draft Results

The 2022 SJJHL Draft was held on Tuesday, September 13th at 7:00pm at the Double Ice Complex in Paradise, NL.


1st Round:

1. NE selected Noah Robinson
2. PD selected Cashe Corbett
3. NE selected Kyle Campbell
4. SS selected Evan Tucker
5. PD selected Ben Smith
6. CBR selected Keaton Barry
7. MP selected Justin Penashue
8. NE selected Liam Carroll


2nd Round:

9. PD selected Noah Walsh
10. CBR selected Matthew Klein
11. PD selected Alex Rowe
12. SS selected Daniel Butt
13. SJ selected Riley Warren
14. CBR selected Blake Shelley
15. MP selected Samuel Foggoa
16. CBN selected Ethan Smith


3rd Round:

17. NE selected Marcus Buffett
18. PD selected Colin Murphy
19. AV selected Ryan Fitzgerald
20. SS selected Brady Judge
21. MP selected Aiden Griffen*
22. CBR selected Mitchell Genge
23. MP selected Zachary Smallwood
24. CBN selected Riley Paul


4th Round:

25. AV selected Kevin Power
26. PD selected Ty Matthews
27. AV selected James Green
28. SS selected Corey Normore
29. CBR selected Gabe Whiteway


5th Round:

30. PD selected Andrew Taylor
31. CBR selected Liam Broders

Free Agents (13):
Brian Pierce (G)
Jaxson Allen (F)
Adam Miller (F)
Dracey Kettlewell (G)
John Webber (F)
Ethan Samson (F)
Justin Pfalzer (F)
Matthew Gosse (G)
Owen Griffen (G)
Tyler George (D)
Ty Austin (F)
Allan Linehan (F)
Lawson Hatfield (G)


* = St. John's Caps trade with Mount Pearl Blades ”St. John’s trades 3rd round pick in September 2022 to Mount Pearl for 2nd
round pick in October 2023”


AV - Avalon Capitals

CBN - CBN Stars

CBR - CBR Renegades

MP - Mount Pearl Blades

NE - Northeast Eagles

PD - Paradise Warriors

SS - Southern Shore Breakers

SJ - St. John's Caps